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Unique offer for self-governments!

Baltic Business Forum in Świnoujście is a unique place without political divisions. Expert debates including business, science, politics and self-governemnt representatives give positive power for developing valuable relations between economies and especially people. The Guest of Honor of this year’s BBF from 20-22 September will be Sweden. Forum participants from Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Germany and Turkey will surely spend their time actively and in an interesting manner disussing on:

  • How can Poland and Sweden support Ukraine through Eastern Partnership EU Initiative?
  • When and with what funds will the Świnoujście tunnel be built? – a disussion panel on power of local patriotism, EU funding and a decision of the Polish government.
  • Świnoujście is becoming an important element of Polish energy hub. Poland is no longer just a transit country – theme for one of the debates concerning issues of energetics and energy
  • Why hasn’t Swedish Ericsson shared the fate of Finnish Nokia? – one of proposed discussion sessions for innovation propagators and start-ups in Poland. During BBF 2017 we are planning to host a number of panels at the junction of business and science.

We especially invite self-governors! Together, we are planning to create a platform for disputes of progressive cities from Poland, Ukraine, Sweden and Turkey.

  • Can a city be smart without social participation? – one of the proposed topics for discussion.

Registration for the 9. Baltic Business Forum will start in May, nonetheless we are kindly asking you to save the date and plan to attend the BBF 2017!

Date and place of BBF 2017 is already known!

Baltic Business Forum will take place in Świnoujście from 20 to 22 September 2017. We will meet in a beautiful place – phenomenal Świnoujście, on the cleanest and widest beaches in Europe, in a new, luxurious place overlooking the sea. Broaden your horizons with Baltic Business Forum!

Radisson Blu, Baltic Park Molo in Świnoujście offers an opportunity to grow personally and professionally and relax as well – after a long day of intensive debates on business issues we welcome you to the hotel’s Wellness&Spa offer, we especially recommend visiting the Aquapark, situated at the premise or a visit on the widest Polish beach, not even 50 m fromt the hotel. 

See you at the Baltic Business Forum 2017!

Draft of BBF 2017 Agenda already available!

Baltic Business Forum in Świnoujście is a unique meeting space for representatives of business, politics, science or self-government. From the 20 to 22 September 2017 Baltic Business Forum’s guests from Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Germany and Turkey will spend their time in an interesting manner. They will discuss on such matters as: how could Poland and Sweden support Ukraine through the Eastern Partnership  EU initiative.

  • When and with what funds will the tunnel connecting Świnoujście with the rest of the country be built? – planned session on power of local patriotism, EU funding and Polish governmental decisions.
  • Świnoujście is becoming an important element of Polish energetic hub. Poland is growing to be more than just a transit country. – one of the sessions concerning issues of energy and energetics.
  • Why hasn’t Swedish Ericsson shared the fate of Finnish Nokia? – a lesson for innovation and start-up promotors in Poland. The Agenda will hold a few sessions on relations of business and science.
  • Can a city be smart without social participation? – a problem for discussion between self-governments from Ukraine, Sweden, Poland during Polish-Ukrainian Academy of Municipalities hosted on BBF 2017.

Registration for BBF 2017 will begin in May but we ask you to save the date already! We promise positive energy on BBF 2017, especially from our organizing crew!

Honorary Patronage of the Swedish Embassy in Warsaw granted!

Baltic Business Forum has been granted the Honorary Patronage of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Warsaw. The organizers are exceptionally grateful for this distinction! Everyone that holds Polish-Swedish relations in high esteem is welcome to participate in this year’s Baltic Business Forum and cooperation. We are awaiting ideas for discussion panels, offers of business proposals and adjoining subevents during Baltic Business Forum 2017. We would also like to remind that Świnoujście has a direct ferry connection with Ystad.

Baltic Business Forum will take place in Świnoujście from 20 to 22 September 2017.

Sweden will be the Guest of Honor of Baltic Business Forum 2017!

Baltic Business Forum in Świnoujście is a unique meeting platform without borders. Expert debates including representatives of business, science, politics and self-government give power for progress in creating and enhancing relations between countries and people. Sweden will be this year’s Guest of Honor. Our close neighbor is well-known for tasteful design, highly developed social policies, care for the environment, innovation and hospitality.

Poland with Sweden have promoted european Eastern Partnership programme. How should we cooperate? What can we learn from each other? What Europe would we like to live in? Answers to those and many more questions will be available in Świnoujście, during the Baltic Business Forum, 20-22 September 2017.

Registration for the Forum will begin in May but we are asking you to save the date already. We promise positive energy, especially from our organizing crew.


Baltic Business Forum 2016 has been concluded!

_mg_1233_wynik_wynik Baltic Business Forum 2016 is concluded!

In spite of a difficult political situation, development of Turkey’s economy is not threatened – government representatives from Ankara ensured and invited Polish entrepreneurs to invest on the Bosphorous.  The Republic of Turkey has been the Honored Guest of this years Baltic Business Forum concluded on Friday 16th of September.

– Trade exchange between Poland and Turkey in 2015 reached a turnover of approx. 5,8 billion euros. Sections of Turkish economy especially interesting for Polish companies are: energetics, cosmetics, chemistry, food, construction and defense industries – said Evren Müderrisoğlu, trade counsellor, Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Warsaw. He also convinced that politics is not a barrier limiting doing business in Turkey. Polish entrepreneurs already present on the Bosphorous have also claimed so.– Apart from lenghtening tender procedures there are no substantial complications in day-by-day functioning of business – told Krzysztof Burek, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rafako. Our company presently is a part of ten tender procedures for the construction and/or renovation of furnaces and installations for Turkish power plants. Turnover/year is over 70 mln euros.

Selena, Polpharma, Azoty Group or Asseco also run their business in Turkey – with over 80 mln citizens it is one of the most attractive markets of Europe and Asia. This is exactly why we have wanted to reveal this opportunity especially to our SMEs – Jacek Piechota, former Polish Minister of Economy, founder of Baltic Business Forum initiative stated. Turkish entrepreneurs participating in this year’s edition of the Forum have expressed their strong interest in utilizing Polish experience in doing business with Ukraine. Three-sided cooperation agreement has been signed in Świnoujście between Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Turkish-Ukrainian Businessmen Association.

One of the most important postulates of the Forum is an urgent need to deal with the issue of legislature concerning Ukrainian workforce in Poland – we need a new international, intergovernmental agreement. Kiev has already signed such a document with the government in Lisbon and we still don’t have it with Poland – Oleg Dubish, Vice-President of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce exclaimed. Bilateral agreement is interesting for Polish entrepreneurs who expect a simplification of procedures for employing people from abroad – In some Marshall’s Offices the process can take up to 26 weeks and we have to quickly react to workforce shortages in our enterprises – Grzegorz Tokarski, Vice-president of National Labor Center – It is getting harder and harder to get workers on our internal market and there are times when a few hundred people are needed in an instance – he reasoned. System has to be more flexible. Our government announces changes from 2017 but hasn’t given any details yet. – In concern for the upcoming changes in the law, Polish entrepreneurs will surely overflow municipal offices with their applications before January 1st 2017 so the awaiting period for permits will grow even longer – alerted Mariusz Markiewicz, COB of SAS Logistic, an enterprise employing 700 Ukrainians and would be happy to employ another 300-400.

Baltic Business Forum focuses on increasing economic cooperation in Baltic-Adriatic-Black Sea area – in order to fully utilize Polish economic potential we need to cooperate with partners. Vast opportunities await especially to the East and to the South of our borders – professor Michał Kleiber, former Minister of Science of Poland and former president of Polish Academy of Sciences, Head of the Baltic Business Forum Programme Council judged.

Speakers during the Forum debated on port development, large infrastructure projects, capital markets, mining industry, logistics and energetics.

This was the 8th edition of the Baltic Business Forum in Świonujście. Next year Bulgaria will be the Honored Guest.


Shipping industry of Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine will participate inBaltic Business Forum 2016

The biggest shipyards of Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine declared their participation in VIII editioTerminal_promowy_Swinoujscie_1n of Baltic Business Forum!

Turkey – is a real market for foreign technologies of the shipbuilding and military industries!

Turkish military that numbers at more than one million active personnel is second biggest army in NATO. Also Turkey holds second biggest squadron of F-16 after the US. Turkish annual defense budget approximates around 10-11 billion USD. Army orders are handled by Sub-secreteriat of Defense and Military Department of Defense ministry.

According to public declarations made by Turkish authorities – Ankara’s strategic goal is reaching at least 50% in self-sufficiency of the military complex by investments into production potential, R&D and transfer of technologies and offset projects.

Taking into the account the plans for the modernization of Turkish Army, sales and production cooperation perspectives open for military shipbuilding industry. Especially in sales of radar systems, plane systems for monitoring the coast, fast patrol boats, sea mins seekers and equipment for the submarines.

Turkish army is also interested in establishing relationships with manufacturers of transport systems and heavy lifting equipment, installation of missile defense equipment, satellites, combat platforms, planes for training, tanks, wheeled armored vehicles, ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System), aircraft early warning AWACS and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), helicopters, transport and rescue and mobile surgical hospitals.

Baltic Business Forum 2015 will take place on 21-23 of September

This year, for the VII time, will take place Internationa Baltic Business Forum. This year our slogan is “Baltic Business Forum Energy for Development“.

On Monday, 21st of September once more Świnoujście will change itself and will become the center of interest for the world of politics and business. For 3 days, during 19 sessions famous guests of International Baltic Business Forum will debate on the most actual topis for the economy of Poland, Europe and the World.

Topics that guide this year’s conference will be Energy in both renewable and conventional understanding, issues connected to labor migration and jobs for the youth – in cooperation and under the patronage of Minister of Labor and Social Policy.

We encourage you to check out the scheduleof the conference


Georgia as honored guest at Baltic Business Forum

In 2015 during the 3-day economic forum Georgia will be honored guest. This beautiful, picturesque country is an interesting destination not only for Polish but also for European tourists, however it also is unusual and interesting direction for our entrepreneurs.

IN cooperation with embassy of Georgia in Poland and representatives of Polish diplomatic corpus in Georgia we develop unique program that will include presentation of Georgian economy and opportunities of developing mutual cooperation.

With the help of representatives of business and politics we will share with you experience of the Eastern Partnership countries in economic cooperation with Georgia

We encourage you to check out the schedule of Baltic Business Forum 2015!