June | 2016 | Baltic Business Forum

Shipping industry of Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine will participate inBaltic Business Forum 2016

The biggest shipyards of Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine declared their participation in VIII editioTerminal_promowy_Swinoujscie_1n of Baltic Business Forum!

Turkey – is a real market for foreign technologies of the shipbuilding and military industries!

Turkish military that numbers at more than one million active personnel is second biggest army in NATO. Also Turkey holds second biggest squadron of F-16 after the US. Turkish annual defense budget approximates around 10-11 billion USD. Army orders are handled by Sub-secreteriat of Defense and Military Department of Defense ministry.

According to public declarations made by Turkish authorities – Ankara’s strategic goal is reaching at least 50% in self-sufficiency of the military complex by investments into production potential, R&D and transfer of technologies and offset projects.

Taking into the account the plans for the modernization of Turkish Army, sales and production cooperation perspectives open for military shipbuilding industry. Especially in sales of radar systems, plane systems for monitoring the coast, fast patrol boats, sea mins seekers and equipment for the submarines.

Turkish army is also interested in establishing relationships with manufacturers of transport systems and heavy lifting equipment, installation of missile defense equipment, satellites, combat platforms, planes for training, tanks, wheeled armored vehicles, ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System), aircraft early warning AWACS and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), helicopters, transport and rescue and mobile surgical hospitals.